Ignited Scotland

So why Ignited Scotland?

After we had been in Scotland for a little over a year and a half, God gave us a vision.  In the vision He showed us deep darkness over a countryside filled with hills.  The darkness was absolute.  You couldn’t see any details of it and we only know it was hills because of what happened next.

Suddenly, there was a beacon fire in the vision and the darkness pulled back just a little.  And after that fire another, and another, and another until all of the vision was dotted with beacon fires.  The fires moved and crackled and had life in them ad the darkness could not stand before them.

We have come to realise that these fires have names like: Beauly, Conon Bridge, Dingwall, Tain, Dornoch, and other small villages and towns in the Highlands of Scotland.

We have a heart for these people.  God has placed in us a passionate desire to see not just this generation or the next generation but every generation ignited to with love for Him and called to His purpose.

John 1 tells us that:  In Him (Jesus) was light and that light was the life of mankind.  The Light shines in darkness and the darkness cannot overcome (or comprehend or defeat) it.

The darkness cannot defeat the Light; it cannot stand before it.  We are IgnitedScotland and God has called us to preach Jesus to the lost.